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Yoga encompasses my lifelong interests and beliefs. I have practiced Yoga for over 10 years. Like many people, what originally attracted me was the physical benefits of stretching my muscles and improving flexibility, in the hope it would complement my workouts. Over the years my relationship to Yoga has changed, and I now experience it as a vehicle through which I can dedicate myself to endless self-discovery and growth. 

I hold a 200hr Yoga Alliance certificate with Sacred Alchemy Yoga, specialising in Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin. I also hold a 50hr Yoga Alliance certificate in Embodied Vinyasa. I like to incorporate Embodied elements to my classes to encourage a deep internal experience of your own body - as for me, I find a greater sense of ease when I practice from this place.

Non-dualistic Tantric philosophy underlies my approach; teaching me to accept myself and the world in its wholeness. It allows me to move away from judgement and instead welcome all there is in equal measure, rather than striving for ‘perfection'. In letting go of these ideals - the 'shoulds' that society instils within us all - I find freedom. Yoga allows me to come home to myself, to really know and respect myself, and ultimately be kind to myself.

I enjoy teaching dynamic classes to move us out of the habitual ways of being in our bodies, and work through any tension or holding patterns we develop on a daily basis, both physically and mentally. Journeying through a Yoga practice of movement, breathing and meditation is a way to learn more about our relationship to ourselves, to enable reflection through stillness, and ultimately find a sense of inner harmony. Even though I enjoy the strength building aspects of asana and will embrace a challenge, I like to encourage students to harness self-kindness throughout their practice, to be open minded and non-judgemental, to recognise their unique power.

Sophies' Class

Hatha Fusion

Monday 18:30 19:30

This class will bring you back into your body through an integrative blend of hatha yoga, flowing movement meditations, and deep relaxation.
An Embodied-informed class sharpens our mind-body connection and allows us to connect to, and move from, the wisdom of our own bodies. With a focus on moving in a way that is harmonious with our natural range of motion, this is a class to suit all abilities.
Each week we will embody a different area - for example that might be the hips, the heart and lungs, the spine. This will allow you to connect more deeply to specific areas of yourself and how they work, to be present with your authentic state of being, and cultivate a deeper sense of wholeness.


Suitable for all


Good for Strength, Stamina and Focus