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My background is in nursing having spent 25years in Health Care. I also studied movement and dance from a young age culminating in graduation from Bailey Cox Academy. My passion for health, wellbeing, fitness, movement and flow led me to do my Yoga Teacher Training in 2010 with Steve Avian at Shamayoga School, Sheffield.

Upon opening the studio in 2014. I wanted to create a space that enhanced the whole yoga experience. I focus on small intimate classes incorporating personal interaction to enhance practise and development of mind, body and soul to result in a feeling of health and wellbeing for all students.

Yoga is my passion in life. The way I teach and practise is always evolving. I love the flow and movement and use this feel in all my classes, teaching a modern approach to a traditional form. Exploring the body and mind through breathing in movement, stillness and relaxation.


I am no different than you. I have a life that can be challenging and at times frustrating. To make the decision to choose yoga has been life changing for me and therefore I endeavour to pass on the gift of physical and mental health to all my students.

                                                                                                                      Come and feel for yourself the Power of Yoga.

Louise's Classes

Align Refine & Flow

Inspired by Max Stroms Inner Axis.

A breath based practise that deals directly with stress, anxiety and insomnia. With focus on alignment for a safer, stronger, deeper practise. A blend of yoga flow, postures, balance, meditation and relaxation. The result should always be that we create length and space in the body, achieving that in a safe and supported way, using muscle energy and core stability to protect the joints. Find your centre and the mind will follow opening the body in a safe way.

Suitable for all

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga for the over 60s & those who want to take it just a little bit easier. Inspired by Max Stroms Inner Axis, bringing movement back into the body with focus on alignment for safe stronger practise. Breath based exercises to reduce stress and anxiety.

Due to the nature of the class we will use chairs, props and cushions to allow you to get the maximum benefit from your yoga practise.

Suitable for all