Summer Schedule

During the Summer, our timetable does change to account for a quieter time – clients taking time away and to support teachers taking time out for their holidays too. The temporary timetable is updated on the App.


Monday Morning Yoga

09:30 - 10:30 
Leila Braithwaite 

Suitable for all
Good for Improving Strength, Stamina & Fitness

A great way to start the week in this stronger practise.

Leila combines mindful movement, invigorating yoga postures and flows.

Complementing each session with strong breathing techniques, this practise will guide you towards increased strength, flexibility and balance in your body and mind.

Yoga together, in the present moment, challenging at times yet, non-competitive and fun.

Find that all important balance between effort and ease finishing off with guided meditations.


Yoga Sculpt

18:00 - 19:15

Siobhan Grantham

Suitable for All

Good for improving Strength, Tone & Stability

.Yoga Sculpt is a class that incorporates hand weights and closed bands, giving a new dimension to a traditional yoga class. Adding weights to traditional poses and flows pushes your body to engage even more muscles than you would in a regular yoga class. The results, a stronger more toned body with increased bone density to help prevent injury. By working different muscles groups, with added strength training moves, you will gain more stability, building a strong foundation of muscular strength.

Yoga Sculpt is both physically and mentally rewarding. Release those endorphins and discover one of the best and most natural ways to decrease stress, anxiety and therefore increase happiness.

Gentle Flow & Restore

19:15 - 20:15 Classes

Running Until August 8th, Returning October 2023

Mirka Mirek

Suitable for all

Good for Improving Movement, Calmness & Peace

Gentle yoga is essentially what it sounds like - a gentler style of hatha yoga practice and flows. It is performed at a slower pace, with less intense positions. Connect to your breath and body and let go of your stress. In this session you will focus on action, alignment and breath, set at a nice tempo allowing you to discover what feels good and listen to the body.

These simple sequence are easy on the wrists and great for the spine. A good practice for those new to yoga - also great for fast paced yogis who want to keep a healthy and well balanced yoga practice. 



Dru Yoga

18:00 - 19:00
Kelly Dadd

Suitable for all

Good for Improving Movement, Resilience, Focus & Calming

Dru Yoga works to balance the energy centres (chakras) which help maintain vitality and fantastic radiant wellbeing.

These classes are fun and informal, connecting with elements, letting go and feeling free, after each class you will feel deeply energised, refreshed and fulfilled.

Classes begin with a lively activation to prepare the body. 

Explore classical Hatha Yoga postures with flowing Dru sequences. All movements are made with awareness and synchronised with the breath.

With an emphasis on moving the spine to maintain flexibility and enhance core strength, these flowing movements help to release tension physically, mentally and emotionally.

Deep relaxation or meditation completes and compliments the end of each practise. 


Over 60's 70's Yoga

11:00 - 12:00
Siobhan Grantham

Suitable for all 
Good for Improving Mobility, Strength, Balance & Anxiety 

Gentle Yoga for the over 60s and for those who want to take it just a little bit easier.

Bringing movement back into the body with focus on alignment, balance and strengthening exercises to allow us to live life to the full.

Inspired by Max Strom we will incorporate breathing techniques throughout to help reduce stress, anxiety & improve your sleep.

Maxs' breathing revolutions are renowned and respected for their immediate effect and are beneficial for living a calmer happier life.

We will use chairs, props and cushions for your comfort, allowing you to get the maximum benefit from your yoga practice.

Yoga Fusion

18:00 - 19:00 
Sallyann Winslow 

Suitable for all
Good for improving Strength, Tone & Stability

Yoga Fusion practice is a great way to explore a variety of Yoga disciplines, from the slower, more nurturing Yin holds to create space and stretch within the body to bolder, more challenging Vinyasa flows and Asana to really support the body with strength, flexibility and mobility. Using breathwork techniques to guide us through the practice we can really welcome the full range of benefits that a blended practice has to offer.

Each week will have a slightly different focus, to enable us to explore the body and its ability to adapt to the changing dynamic of the practice.



Yin & Yoga Nidra

20:00 - 21:15
Sherry Lee 

Suitable for all
Good for Improving Movement, Clearing the mind & Peace

Yin Yoga stretches the web of connective tissue that holds our bodies together, but this can also restrict us from moving in certain ways.

Yin yoga creates space in the joints, releasing ligaments, stretching muscles & fascia by holding each pose for longer (supported with blocks, cushions, blanket ).

Brings improved immunity, flexibility, increases circulation, reduces stress & anxiety and brings balance to the internal organs.  

Each class will finish with a 30 minute Nidra meditation (yogic sleep)  deep conscious sleep, clearing the mind, releasing tension from the mind & body, improving sleep and releasing tension & pain help enjoy life to the fullest

Please bring a blanket with you.


Yoga Tone

18:30 -19:30
Kerry Griffths Or Cat Cousins

Suitable for all 

Good for Improving Tone, Strength & Focus

Yoga is an excellent way to tone virtually every major muscle group.

This process starts to happen when muscles are being strengthened and stretched at the same time.

In this session you will focus on specific areas of the body with a mix of traditional hatha yoga poses, synchronised breath work and targeted exercises to ensure optimal benefit.

Increase strength & muscle tone whilst calming the mind, relieving tension and removing stress making this session great for the mind, body and soul.

No matter your level of fitness, yoga will leave your body feeling capable, powerful, and strong. 


Aline Refine & Flow

09:30 - 10:30
Please Check the Schedule for Teacher 

Suitable for all

Good for Improving Posture, Strength & Anxiety

Inspired by Max Stroms Inner Axis

Breath based fusion of yoga postures leading to slower paced flows, synchronising with the breath enabling you to adapt, move, breath in tune with your body. As we move in a controlled way it allows focus on our alignment for a safer, stronger and deeper practise. The result should always be that we create length and space in the body, achieving that in a safe and supported way, using muscle energy and core stability to protect the joints.

The verbal cues used are a modern and intelligent approach to yoga. Utilising anatomy, physiology, science and with the western body in mind, they can be a gateway to lifelong self- exploration.

Friday Evening Workshops

Check out our Workshops Page for Regular Friday Evening Workshops, Including Coacao Mediataion, Kundalini Experience & Womens Circles.

Saturdays & Sundays

Beginners Yoga Courses

New Dates for September TBC 

09:30 - 10:30
Louise Power 

Suitable for all

Good for Bringing Movement, Strength & Balance back into the Body and Reducing Stress.

Through the year we run a 6 week beginners Yoga Course and this normally runs on a Saturday morning (9.30 - 10.30) for information see our Workshop and Courses page

Saturday Stability & Strength

Saturdays 11:00 - 12:00
Please Check the Schedule for Teacher

Suitable for all

Good for Improving Posture, Strength & Anxiety

Start the weekend by moving through slow flow practices incorporating upper body, lower body and core exercises to build strength and mobility.

Use dynamic movements, yoga props, and body weight to ignite muscle groups used in your asana practice.

This class provides all students a place to focus on common postures, transitions and to strengthen the foundations of your practice.

Classes will focus on alignment and will include strength building exercises to prepare the muscles for the intensity of the major yoga asanas.


Sunday Recharge & Reset

10:00 -11:00
Leila Braithwaite

Suitable for all

Good for Cultivating Peace, Contentment, Rejuvenation.

Rejuvenate yourself with this moderately paced class, designed to help your body let go of the week that’s been, and re-set for the week ahead.

We will move in a nourishing and supportive way, working on creating space in the body and mind to melt away tension from the week. We will focus on opening and resetting areas that commonly bring us discomfort - such as the spine, hips and shoulders.

Prioritise your wellbeing with this grounding class that will warm your heart and nourish your spirit.

All levels are welcome.

Modern Approach with a mix of contemporary and traditional forms : Exploring the body & mind through breathing, in movement, stillness and relaxation.

Our class size range from 5-10 to help give you the personal attention you deserve.

All sessions are accessible to beginners in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere no competition or pressure.

Our studio is bright, light and modern. It is air conditioned for your ultimate comfort. We ensure the studio and facilities are cleaned to a high standard and after our recent full refurbishments we are sure you'll love it as much as we do.  

Powerofyoga Team