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Originally from Cyprus, the sun was always there to tell me that there is something more than what we see on the surface. In order to see the truth I needed to dive in deeper every day, bit by bit, and this is what I am still trying to achieve everyday with the guidance of practice. 

The traditional method of Ashtanga was always there, and us, as seekers  need to find our path towards it and earn its benefits through dedication and kindness. After graduating from University as a Biologist I always knew that the microcosm of the science was not there to serve directly, but rather to help us, human beings. This drove me to come here to Sheffield. 

I completed my 200 Hour Ashtanga-Vinyasa training from Sampoorna School in Goa, my KPJAYI (Authorised Ashtanga Yoga Teacher from the Institute Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore). Yoga is guides me towards higher levels in many aspects of life, both physically, emotionally and psychologically with only one variable always constant, the Practice. Self-study in the theory of the practice and continued education are just as important as the physical one, thus I enhance my knowledge daily through various readings, workshops and my current CPD training in the Ashtanga Method. 

My daily reminder is to continue as a student myself, it gives me the honour, strength and experience to guide my students through a rather physical demanding practice. Yes, it requires strength, flexibility, endurance and muscle awareness but these are not the most important aspects of it. Above all, it requires kindness towards ourselves on a daily basis, eagerness to learn, patience to give the time needed to each posture to develop and a joyful heart to enjoy the physical practice. All these will eventually have just one outcome. A calm mind.

I am thankful to be able to guide all levels of students from the very early steps until a full development of the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga and share my little knowledge and wisdom you  all. 

As I continue to learn every day, is my promise to share these learnings with all of the practitioners and learn from them as well. My primary aim and biggest priority is to create a safe and nurturing space for us all, that will provide an accessible level of practice for all followers of the traditional method of Ashtanga and maintain a lifelong peace.

Above all, I remind myself daily that this is a breath working practice after all.

Yiouli Class

Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga

Thursday 18:30 - 19:30

In this strong practise, each week time will be dedicate to the traditional teachings of the Primary Series of Ashtanga yoga (a set of postures that will always be the same and there for you to explore them deeper).
Taylored to the individual each posture will be broken down into best practise, allowing you to gain confidence, correct alignmnet and technique for a stronger safre practise.  At this point you are then ready to combine them all together and to start building your own personal practice. Yioulli will guide you verbally and physically through hands on adjustment (unless requested not to). You will require an element of fitness for this practise but more importantly all you need is curiosity and self-kindness.
Our aim is to develop a daily, safe and beneficial practise for each individual , and then to be able to practice in a Mysore or a Led class style according to our own needs.


Good for Strength, Stamina and Focus