The Game Changer Series 
Join us for a series of workshops that target specific problem areas. Learn to listen to your body, discover its uniqueness and develop a practise that is stronger, safer, manages your pain, helps heal, prevents injuries and improve your posture and balance. You’ll learn to feel physically fitter and better in your body and your practise.

These workshops will be alignment based with game changing cues that will leave you speechless. These skills are transferable into any yoga session, bringing more awareness of how you can improve your own individual practise.

Three Differences between Workshops & Classes
Personal Attention
Regularly scheduled classes are usually designed around a general theme, emphasis, and intention to provide a safe and balanced yoga experience for everyone. Instruction is largely given to the class as a whole. While this is adequate and many people gain benefits from taking classes, workshops provide the time and space for the instructor to give more personal attention to each participant.

Specified IntentionYou will always enjoy well balanced classes that give attention to the body as a whole, that’s a given. But what if you just wanted to focus on hips, low back, knees, core or all of these ?. The Game Changer series workshops can serve your specific needs.

Enhanced Understanding
Leaving classes feeling refreshed, realigned, and restored is a marvelous benefit. Most people know they feel good, but few actually know the reasons why they leave the studio in such a fabulously good mood.

When you attend workshops, it is likely you will gain knowledge beyond common understanding about how and why you are benefiting physically, energetically, and beyond. The learning never ends. Even if you have been doing yoga for years, there will always be some way to improve and advance in your practice. Workshops help expedite the process.

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Gong Sound Bath 

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with Craig Eddington

@£25 members @£28 non members 

We will start of evening with an 45 minutes of Gentle Yoga Flow and a 15 minute 5 minute guided meditation to prepare the mind body and breath for the main event:

Gong Sound Bath, Deep, Restorative, Relaxation vital to your wellbeing.  It allows your body time re-balance and rejuvenate. In a Relaxation Sound Bath the therapeutic sounds will lull you into a deeply relaxed state, similar to that achieved during Meditation.  Sound is a great holistic therapy, as it works on all levels of your being – mind, body, soul & spirit. The sound waves provide a ‘sonic massage’ to your physical self and subtle energy fields.  Leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed. 

with Rebecca Wraith

@£20 members @£25 non members

Spring Equinox is a time of perfect balance where night and day are equal length and the sun rises exactly due east and sets exactly due west. Ancient cultures around the world have valued the two annual equinoxes as possibly the most potent and magical days of the year where the energies of the earth are in complete harmony. Many ancient sacred sites were built to honour the placement of the sunrise and sunset on the equinox days.

In our Spring Equinox workshop we will use yoga, energy work and meditations to tune into and harness the powerful cosmic energies available to us at this time. 

Both Hatha Yoga and Qigong aim to balance the sun and moon energies within us, the yin and the yang, the masculine and feminine. It is believed we can reach physical, mental and spiritual highs when these opposing forces are well balanced. With the energies of nature being in balance around this time of year we can become one our environment by balancing our internal yin and yang and really make the most of the natural powers available to us at this time.

The workshop is suitable for all levels and we will honour the sun and moon, as well as the pagan gods and goddesses associated with the Spring Equinox, through meditation, yoga dances, yoga postures, qigong exercises and relaxation. 

I hope you can join us for some well deserved natural healing and to celebrate the magic of our mother earth and our sun on this special day of the year. Honouring and acknowledging this time of year will help you to set the tone for the next six months as we travel through our spring and summer here in the northern hemisphere 💚

Rebecca Wraith